Soo-Jung Kim
Creator of DOOLY
Doolynara, Inc
Soo-Jung Kim, creator of Korea¡¯s legendary character Dooly, is an executive producer in Doolynara, Inc. which he established in 1995 for managing the Dooly character business systematically. Also, he teaches students at the department of animation, Induk University in Seoul, Korea.
He has produced 20 titles of cartoon series and all of them were published in top-selling cartoon magazines in Korea. It is incredible in terms of both quantity and his successful careers. Many cartoonists respect him so that he was elected as president of Korea Animation Producers Association in 2000 and 2001.
In 1996, he directed and produced a blockbuster animated feature film, ¡°Little Dino Dooly, the Great Adventure on Iced Star.¡± It was #1 in the animation chart and #4 in the whole film chart then. He was awarded several grand prizes from Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Film Critics Association, major daily newspapers and Korea Media Rating Board in 1996 because of his contribution to the development of Korean cartoon and animated film industries.
From hundreds of interviews with major media, he got popularities like a star. He is considered a true leader among animators and cartoonists in Korea not just because his careers and dedication to the field but also his generous benevolence to the society.
Soo-Jung Kim has a dream. He would like to give hope and love to children, not only Korean children like now but also all over the world. Mr. Kim is now looking for international partners who could share the philosophy by producing new fantastic animated series. March 26, 2007
     1975 Debuted with ¡¸Heavy Shower¡¹in Youth Hankookilbo (Hankook Daily Newspaper)
     1995 Printed cartoon official stamp (Dooly stamp) for the first time in Korea
     1996 Produced and directed theater animation "Little Dino Dooly"

Major works:
     1979 Maksuni
     1981 Oh Dalja's Spring
     1981 Hongshil, Bola Bola
     1982 Let's Fly Godori, Newlywed
     1983 Little Dino Dooly , Clang Clang Yo-Yo, Mister Jumbo
     1984 Snaggleteeth of Jaturi Class, The Heavens and the Earth, Mister Zero
     1985 Ariari Dongdong
     1986 Little Indian Remiyo
     1987 Soh Keumja Blues
     1989 Cute Jjokkomi
     1990 Seven Spoons, Crystal You
     1994 Teacher X , B.S Doly
     1996 Completed Little Dino Dooly (Great Adventure on the Iced Planet)
          - Received Best Animation Award from the Ministry of Culture and Sports
          - Received Grand Prize for Animation from Daily Sports
          - Received Movie Critics' Award from the Korea Movie Critics' Association